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Waste Management Solutions | Convexicon

Convexicon's smart solid waste management solutions integrates iot sensors and an advanced online platform for real-time oversight. Tracking bin filling, coordinating pickups, optimizing routes, and monitoring vehicle movements enhance efficiency.... Read More

Smart Bin for Waste Management System

Say goodbye to overflowing bins and hello to efficiency.Transform waste management with Convexicon's IoT-powered Smart Bin for Waste Management System. Bin-level sensors automatically send real-time data on fill levels, empowering... Read More

Solid Waste Management Solutions

Convexicon's Smart Solid Waste Management Software tackles waste management challenges with cutting-edge technology. Our solution uses IoT sensors, real-time monitoring, and smart route planning to optimize waste collection. Cities get... Read More

smart bins for waste management

IoT-based bin-level sensors, or "smart bins," are used in smart trash management solutions. When a bin reaches its maximum capacity, an alert from the Smart trash Management Solutions notifies nearby... Read More

Door-to-Door Waste Collection | Convexicon

People put their household waste in special bins near their homes in our door-to-door waste collection. The city provides different bins for easy sorting. This helps recycling and is the... Read More

Iot Based Solid Waste Management System for Smart City

As IoT integrates into daily life, simplifying tasks and creating smarter cities, it addresses a major urban challenge – waste management. IoT Based Solid Waste Management System for Smart City... Read More

What is Rfid Waste Management | Convexicon

RFID is a battery-free technology that uses radio waves to track items. It works by using reader-generated radio waves to activate tags, which then send back information. This can be... Read More

Waste Management in Municipalities

Transform municipal waste management with Convexicon’s Smart Solid Waste System. Using IoT sensors and an online platform, it ensures real-time monitoring, efficient collection, and eco-friendly disposal. Say goodbye to health... Read More

waste management using iot | convexicon

Convexicon's IoT-based Smart Waste Management System enables real-time monitoring and management of the entire waste collection process. Track bin filling, vehicle pickups, efficient route planning, and monitor vehicle movement to... Read More