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Design Print Solutions is a leading manufacturer of pharma visual aids in India. Our effective and attractive visual aids are a valuable tool for pharmaceutical sales representatives to retain the attention of doctors and promote your drug brand.

What is the process that Pharma Visual Aid Designing and Printing?
A pharma visual aid is a printed piece that provides educational and/or marketing information about a pharmaceutical product. It is typically produced by a visual aid design and print solution company on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. The process of designing and printing a pharma visual aid begins with the development of a creative brief. This document outlines the objectives of the visual aid, the target audience, key messages, and any other important information. Once the creative brief is approved, the visual aid designers begin working on concepts.

After the concepts are approved, the visual aid Design print solution company works with the pharmaceutical company to finalize the details of the visual aid. This includes things like size, paper stock, and finishes. Once everything is finalized, the visual aid is printed and shipped to the customer. The entire process- from the development of the creative brief to shipping the final product- typically takes 1-2 weeks.