Kidney Stone Doctor Specialist In Pimpri Chinchwad

Kidney transplant surgery, also known as renal transplantation, is a medical procedure in which a healthy kidney from a donor is surgically implanted into an individual suffering from kidney failure. This procedure is essential for patients whose kidneys are no longer capable of adequately filtering waste products and excess fluids from the bloodstream, a condition that can lead to severe health complications and is often fatal without intervention. The donor kidney may be sourced from either a living donor, who might be a relative, friend, or even a benevolent stranger, or from a deceased donor whose organs have been donated posthumously. The goal of renal transplantation is to restore normal kidney function, significantly enhancing the patient's quality of life by reducing or eliminating the need for dialysis and improving overall health outcomes. This intricate surgery necessitates precise tissue matching to decrease the risk of organ rejection, and recipients must commit to lifelong immunosuppressive therapy to ensure the transplanted kidney is not rejected by their immune system.