MarTech Interview with Manu Mathew, CEO at Cohora

Manu, please let us know about your role as CEO at Cohora and how it has impacted the growth of the company.
Back in the early 2000s when digital was taking off, I was working at a leading advertising agency and was challenged by one of our customers in the Telco space to reduce their customer acquisition cost taking into account all their channels in the mix. The customer’s CEO— a former finance expert wanted to know exactly where, how, and why his money was being spent. This challenge drove me and my co-founder to create Visual IQ, where we pioneered the attribution category that would enable marketers to leverage their media & advertising data to gain an accurate and holistic view of performance, better allocate their marketing dollars, and prove the impact of investments. At the time of the acquisition by Nielsen in 2017, Visual IQ had been recognized with several awards for pioneering the attribution space, boasting over 250 clients and 325 employees worldwide. From there, I served as President of the Americas for
As brands reconsider social media strategies in the year ahead, they must seek out non-traditional, non-transactional platforms that benefit both the brand and the consumer. Brand-owned social customer networks are a great place to start. Brand-owned customer channels have traditionally existed through loyalty rewards and membership systems, serving as proxies for measuring customer retention. However, as consumer behaviors experience a digital transformation, capturing the voice of the customer is a critical piece of the equation. The shift toward digital interactions requires a reconstruction of brand-owned spaces, where customers not only engage with the brand but also with each other in an exclusive social network

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