Perveen Akbar’s Daughter’s Wedding

On December 17, 2022, a star-studded celebration took place at Andalusian Banquets, it was Perveen Akbar's daughter’s wedding. At Andalusian Banquets, one of the best wedding venues in Defence Karachi, the unique wedding ceremony was held in front of the Arabian Sea's most breathtaking background. From top to bottom, the space was decorated with materials that were artistically made. Speaking about the ceiling, it was not frescoed but rather decorated with pink floral hangings that were made even more beautiful by the addition of sparkling lights in the style of cages. Given that there were both circular and oval cages, they were alternately arranged according to shape. Additionally, little bird bulbs were installed on the ceiling to enhance its grandeur.

Moving on to the main stage, the flowers were arranged in the shape of a half-moon, their vivid colours enhancing the appearance of the backdrop as they were set on the hedge. The soft light on the main stage was ideal for capturing the lovely couple's moments. When the guests first saw the attractive bride and handsome groom, they did so as they emerged from a yacht that was attractively decked with flowers. Not to boast, but they made a big entry that had the guests in awe of them. The couple's pleasure could be seen in their faces as they made their grand entrance via the jetty area, which is very different from walking down the aisle.

The sister of the "Fraud" actress chose to dress up like traditional Pakistani brides typically do, and the groom also went with a traditional appearance. They both appeared to be enjoying their relationship more than ever. The bride wore an all-red dress, and her lovely hairdo gave off a more whimsical appearance. Additionally, guests were indulging in the most enticing meals on that chilly night while sipping on a cup of coffee to feel the warmth deeply. To sum up, you should know that this wedding was perfect in every way. First of all, the event was hosted by a Andalusian Ba