The Spirit’s Call by Joel David Kilgore

Debut poet and devout Christian Kilgore attests that although he penned the poems in his ecclesiastic collection, “God is the true author,” and that the purpose of his poetry is to “bind hearts back to God” so that his readers may find their own connection to Christ. Kilgore is most successful in this ambitious endeavor when he dramatizes his own spiritual euphoria, like in “Latter Rain,” which builds to these potent declarations: “This feeling that enraptured me // And shook my whole of frame, // Was God descending on my soul // His spirit’s Latter Rain.” Kilgore also includes plenty of material beyond his experience with Christ in The Spirit’s Call.” Readers who can excuse some typographical errors will find his poetry to be accessible yet expansive in encapsulating the breadth of human experience, especially for those who follow the Christian faith.