What Brands and Retailers Need to Know About Changing Consumer Behavior

Whether due to trends or economic factors, consumer shopping habits are ever-changing. What shoppers value one day can be different the next. This requires brands and retailers to be agile to keep up with what consumers want and provide exceptional experiences for them. The online shopping landscape, where consumers have more options than ever at their fingertips, has made this especially important — if a brand isn’t providing what consumers want, they can (and will) quickly move on to another.
But how can brands and retailers stay abreast of evolving consumer shopping habits?
ChannelAdvisor, a CommerceHub company, recently surveyed 5,000 global online shoppers to get to the heart of modern consumers’ changing behavior. The results offer brands and retailers insight into the mind of consumers and how that should inform their online selling strategies. Here are some key results and takeaways.
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