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Latest News on Avaada Agri Solar Project in Maharashtra of 1,140 MW, transforming renewable energy and agricultural sustainability. Avaada agri solar project in Maharashtra of 1,140 MW is an original project... Read More

Best Advocates In Thodupuzha – Easyvakil

Easyvakil is the ultimate platform designed to streamline your journey in finding the best legal representation in Kerala. Whether you're facing a complex legal dispute or simply seeking guidance on... Read More

SMK Tamilnadu, led by Ernavoor Narayanan and Karthik Narayanan, is a dynamic political force advocating for social justice in Tamil Nadu. Through SMK Politics, they champion policies to empower marginalized... Read More

Under the leadership of Ernavoor Narayanan and Karthik Narayanan, SMK has achieved remarkable progress in advocating for social justice and empowering marginalized communities in Tamil Nadu. From policy reforms to... Read More

Naadar Peravai Seithigal, led by Ernavoor Narayanan with the support of SMK, brings news and updates for the Naadar community in Tamil Nadu. This platform highlights social, educational, and economic... Read More

SMK IT Wing, under the guidance of Ernavoor Narayanan, leverages technology for social empowerment in Tamil Nadu. Using digital platforms, they promote social justice, advocate for marginalized groups, and create... Read More

Ernavoor Narayanan spearheads SMK Politics, a progressive movement in Tamil Nadu. SMK focuses on social justice, advocating for marginalized communities' rights. With a vision of inclusive development, they work towards... Read More

Ernavoor Narayanan leads Naadar Peravai, supported by SMK, for the empowerment of the Naadar community in Tamil Nadu. This organization focuses on social, economic, and educational upliftment, fostering unity and... Read More

Tamil Nadu PanaimaraThozhilaalar Nalavaariyam, supported by SMK and Ernavoor Narayanan, is a movement advocating for the rights of agricultural laborers in the state. It seeks to improve their working conditions,... Read More

Panaimara Thozhilaalar Nalavaariya Thalaivar, supported by SMK and Ernavoor Narayanan, is a movement for the rights of agricultural workers in Tamil Nadu, India. This initiative aims to improve the lives... Read More